Are You A Scruncher Or A Folder?

Man suffers from diarrhea holds toilet paper roll in front of toilet bowl.

To scrunch or to fold? It might not be an age-old question, but there is definitely a division (in both age and gender) as to how people handle their toilet paper. Most people fold, with only 15% choosing to scrunch, but those stats also depend on the group being considered. Older people fold more often than they scrunch, and women tend to fold more than men, who tend to be scrunchers. There could be several reasons for the different habits, including older people folding their paper because they want to save a little money, and women folding because they tend to be neater and more precise than men.

Creatures of Habit

Everyone likes different things when it comes to their toilet roll, but with quality toilet paper, you can provide plenty of tissue for employees and customer whether they want to fold or scrunch. Who would have thought that there would be so many different ways of going to the bathroom? It’s an important place, and since most people visit it several times every day it’s also one of the places where people have a routine that they generally follow. Disturbing that routine could become a problem, and even lead to anxiety for people who are very focused on keeping their day on a set schedule.

Even though a lot of people don’t talk about their bathroom habits, understanding why people scrunch or fold, and what they’re looking for in their toilet paper, is important. Your company may be involved in virtually any kind of business, but if your employees and customers don’t feel like you care about them you may not see the success you’re hoping for. You probably don’t think of toilet paper as being something you could do to show you care about others, but people take their toilet roll seriously. With the right wholesale toilet rolls, you show you care and people receive a pleasant bathroom experience that can make them comfortable.

Premium Pleasantries

It’s one of the things they’ll remember about working for you or visiting your company or office, even if they might not really think too much about it specifically. When people have bad experiences, those experiences tend to stick with them and colour their opinion of your company. The more pleasant you can make every aspect of their visit the better they will feel about you, and that can mean repeat business from something as simple as a good quality toilet paper – and enough of it available to scrunch.

While you’re buying your wholesale toilet rolls from Livi, don’t forget commercial wipes, premium paper napkins, and all the other little incidentals that make life easier and nicer. If your paper towel dispenser or toilet roll dispenser is showing its age, you might also want to get a new one to put those towels and toilet rolls in. What you offer to your customers and your employees makes a difference, and giving them premium products to choose from is something that will be remembered. When it comes to small things, they really can change people’s perception of your business, and that means more opportunity for future growth.