Facility Management

Managing your built environment with products
trusted by clients around the globe

Managing large institutions or enterprises is a lot simpler with the right washroom solutions in place. That’s why property managers rely on LIVI® products to deliver on both quality and value, time and time again.

Our products are trusted for use globally at major events including the Sydney Olympic Games and the Spring Racing Carnival.

The LIVI® range is designed to work across all facilities, from offices and washrooms to cafeterias and property engineering zones. LIVI® dispensers are designed to promote sensible usage, meaning less waste and washroom floor mess. Staff can quickly clean up spills, grease and debris with absorbent LIVI® wipes, optimising safety and hygiene.

Like all LIVI® products, our washroom range is practical and affordable, enabling staff hygiene at sensible prices. Explore our range and see how much you could be saving without compromising on quality!

Soft on the Environment

PEFC Certified

100% of our fibre is certified sustainable

Dispersible, biodegradable toilet paper

Suitable for all systems

Cartons & core are recyclable

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Supporting Australia

Solaris Paper is an Australian company supporting local jobs