Livi® Advocates ‘Cleanse. Dry. Refresh.’

Livi Advocates ‘Cleanse. Dry. Refresh.’ Trinity for Greater Washroom Hygiene

Livi® Advocates ‘Cleanse. Dry. Refresh.’
Trinity for Greater Washroom Hygiene

Washroom hygiene is a critical area of Workplace Health & Safety. Although some sectors such as food preparation and healthcare naturally require a greater focus on the prevention of germ transmission, it’s important to remember that in any industry, when germs spread illnesses, costly staff sick days ensue. Insisting on effective washroom hygiene practices and providing products that are easy, effective and even enjoyable to use go a long way towards protecting all personnel from disease-carrying germs.

Clean hands are a vital line of defence in the protection against germ transmission, not just among employees but also among clients and other visitors. Water is an essential device of hand hygiene and the World Health Organisation refers to it as a ‘universal solvent’. Though it cannot directly cleanse fats and oils that are typically present on dirty hands, it is a necessary addition to the use of soaps and detergents to help dissolve and flush away these contaminants. The Livi Handcare range features various formats of soaps including Perfumed Foam, Antimicrobial Foam, Hair & Body Care Foam, Food-Safe Foam and Perfumed Lotion Soap. All soaps offer equal efficacy when used with cold water. Livi soaps are designed to be cleansing yet gentle on hands. Beyond efficient hand-washing, Livi alcohol-free sanitiser foam kills 99.99% of common germs and air-dries in under 20 seconds, without leaving residual stickiness on the skin.

Bacteria transmission is more likely to occur from wet skin than dry. As such, drying is an essential aspect of hand hygiene protocols. A 2012 Mayo Clinic study reported that paper towel can “dry hands efficiently, remove bacteria effectively and cause less contamination of the washroom environment”. It said that “paper towels are superior to electric air dryers” and that paper towel “should be recommended in locations where hygiene is paramount”. Whilst some organisations opt for ‘waste-free’ solutions like air dryers the risk of contamination of these options cannot be
ignored. Independent university researchers have found that paper hand towels spread 60 times fewer germs than warm air dryers and 1,300 times fewer germs than jet air dryers, and over
a significantly smaller area. Livi Paper Towel solutions are available in an array of practical delivery formats and are suitable for any industry and workplace setting. The hygienic paper towels are essential for hand drying and cleaning tasks and are available in roll and interleave options. They are specifically designed to be used in high traffic environments where swift access is needed.

Clean hands partner with fresher air to create a more appealing work environment. When the atmosphere feels cleaner, people appear generally more inclined to comply with hygiene directives. The Livi Oxy-gen air freshener system harnesses pure oxygen to deliver continuous neutralisation of the air and adds a fresh, clean scent from pure, oil-based fragrances. With more effective and therefore more economical distribution than ozone-depleting aerosols, Oxy-gen utilises a low VOC formula which is especially important in maintaining good air quality.

Sustainable procurement
In their focus on reducing the adverse environmental, social and economic impacts of workplace hygiene products, businesses turn to Livi for their leadership in sustainable workplace solutions. All Livi tissue paper products are PEFC-certified and currently, two of the Livi soap products are GECA-certified including the popular Perfumed Foam Soap. Livi Air Freshener refills are carbon footprint approved and conscientious customers seeking to reduce their environmental impact appreciate the lack of harmful emissions, solvents and propellants. Livi continually innovates to provide quality, effective products that assist customers in creating and maintaining a healthy workplace for all. The Cleanse. Dry. Refresh. concept is intended to promote a complete approach to washroom hygiene because when all three elements are practiced, the efficacy of each is increased.