Livi® Now Offers The Complete Washroom Solution

Livi Soap Sanitiser System

With the newest addition to their already popular and trusted line of products, Livi® is proud offer a complete commercial washroom solution. Any business can benefit from wholesale toilet paper or a commercial hand towel dispenser, but those items only go so far. Without sanitisers, air fresheners, soaps, and other systems, an opportunity to give customers a better experience can be easily overlooked. Anytime a customer or employee uses a business’ restroom, they can form an opinion about the company and how it takes care of people. You want that opinion to be a good one.

A Complete Washroom Solution

A complete washroom solution encompasses various products. Something as simple as a reliable, quality toilet roll dispenser can mean fewer wasted hours on maintenance and refills. That gives businesses the chance to focus on other important aspects of their workplace, while still ensuring that customers and employees have what they need. Livi® offers bulk toilet paper and wholesale facial tissues, along with bulk cleaning supplies, but now they also provide soap, sanitiser, and air freshener systems to go along with an already class-leading product line.

Livi® Soap, Sanitiser and Lotion System

The new Livi® Handcare soap and sanitiser system offer businesses the opportunity to reduce costs while reducing maintenance in a modern package. This great new system helps reduce waste by utilising the specifically designed Livi® Handcare foam pods that can dispense up to 2,000 washes between exchanges. Employees and customers alike will also appreciate the clean-smelling and fast-drying alcohol-free sanitiser foam that is effective in killing 99.99% of common germs, making for a healthier workplace.

The Livi® Handcare range offers a range of options to suit all needs, including Antimicrobial Foam Hand Soap, Perfumed Foam Soap, and Hair and Body Care Foam Soap. There is even a Food Safe Foam Hand Soap and two of the foam soaps have been awarded Good Environmental Choice Australia certification (GECA), making them environmentally sound choices. Commercial washroom supplies don’t have to be standard-issue, boring items that all look and smell the same. There are more and more options for wholesale toilet paper, commercial wipes, and paper towel choices every day, and Livi® is at the forefront of that development.

Add freshness to your environment with Livi’s new Oxy-gen air freshener system. Ideal for all work environments from the office to healthcare, each refill lasts for 60 days and will infuse the air with a choice of seven different fragrances. Oxy-gen has no harmful emissions, making it a perfect choice for green buildings while delivering exceptional performance and functionality.

Whilst being a staple choice for many businesses looking to equip their washrooms with quality products such as wholesale toilet paper, paper towel and dispensers, Livi® now offers a complete washroom solution for companies seeking to purchase washroom products from one reliable, trusted provider. Quality options from Livi® will exceed the needs of your customers and employees, meaning there’s no reason to choose anything else.