Create the right impression for employees and visitors alike

LIVI® products are ideal for all office environments, bringing hygiene and convenience where you need it most.

Good health is good for business. Staff sickness can cost individual organisations dearly in terms of both time and money. Staff should have access to good hygiene facilities – tissues for when they cough or sneeze and easy-to-use hand towel dispensers in washrooms. Our range of quality multipleply toilet paper, hand towels and cubed facial tissues are available with bespoke dispensers to keep washrooms, kitchens and desks hygienic and mess-free.

LIVI® products give your employees and visitors the right impression, being both economical and certified PEFC. LIVI® is well-known in world class establishments across the globe for quality products at affordable prices. Our range carries a variety of absorbency, thickness and strength profiles so you can be sure you’re purchasing exactly what you need. Browse our range with the assurance of our LIVI® quality guarantee and find the right products for your commercial office needs.

Soft on the Environment

PEFC Certified

100% of our fibre is certified sustainable

Dispersible, biodegradable toilet paper

Suitable for all systems

Cartons & core are recyclable

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Supporting Australia

Solaris Paper is an Australian company supporting local jobs