Soaps, sanitiser and air freshener systems now available

Livi®, industry leading manufacturer of commercial tissue and paper products have expanded further into the washroom hygiene space. Their new air freshener and soap and sanitiser systems mean customers can now procure all the essential washroom products from the one trusted and consistent provider. While the Livi® brand has long been present in all commercial washrooms, it can now cater to two additional requirements.

The air freshener and soap and sanitiser systems each have their own durable dispensers and easy-to-load refills. The systems are designed to be workforce-friendly, reliable and aesthetically neutral, and to deliver product that is of high quality and efficacy.

Livi soap sanitiser system v3

The Livi® Soap, Sanitiser and Lotion system provides your business with the economic advantage to drive down costs and waste with its controlled and interchangeable delivery solution. The durable, attractive dispenser is designed to accept all six different Livi® Handcare pods for duty-specific versatility and each 1000ml foam refill dispenses up to 2,000 hand washes.

Designed to encourage reduced water consumption, the instant foaming formulation makes hand-washing cleaner and more seamless all round. Livi’s alcohol-free sanitiser foam kills 99.99% of common germs and air-dries under 20 seconds without residual stickiness.

The Livi® Handcare range features Perfumed Foam Soap, Antimicrobial Foam Hand Soap, Hair & Body Care Foam Soap, Food-Safe Foam Hand Soap, Hand Sanitiser and Perfumed Lotion. The Perfumed Foam Soap and Hair & Body Care Foam Soap are made from renewable plant resources to ensure biodegradability and have attained GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certification, making them the perfect products for responsible environmental purchasing.


Livi oxygen air-freshener system v2

The new Oxy-gen air freshener system by Livi® harnesses pure oxygen to deliver continuous odour neutralisation, while infusing the air with fresh and pleasing fragrances. Each refill contains 30ml of pure fragrance and the 7 different refills have been carefully performance-matched by intensity to suit recommended locations including healthcare and office environments.

Simple to install and load, with each refill lasting 60 days, Oxy-gen is an efficient, low maintenance and workforce-friendly system. Customers appreciate its stylish presentation and the pure, oil-based fragrances are well-received by end users.

Oxy-gen uses no solvents or propellants and boasts zero harmful emissions. With low VOCs, it is also ideal for green buildings and LEED certification compliance. The system delivers superior functionality, performance and acceptance.

Livi’s CEO, Terry Hughes is enthusiastic about the new additions to the company’s offering, saying they are the result of customer feedback. “Our customers now have the benefit of purchasing all their essential washroom products from the one trusted and consistent provider. In choosing the Livi® brand, customers look to our quality guarantee above all other factors. Our products are critical to best hygiene practice and there is simply no room for error. We are dedicated to providing the hygiene and cleaning industry with practical, customer-driven solutions they can count on to meet their core business needs.”

LIVI® is a trusted supplier to the hygiene and cleaning industry. Keenly focused on sustainability and environmental responsibility, the brand continually innovates to create products that exceed customers’ social, economic and environmental expectations. Via their three main product arms – tissue, soaps and air fresheners – Livi® are instrumental in contributing to clean, hygienic and healthy workplace and community spaces.