Wholesale Toilet Paper Keeps Your Company Stocked Up


It’s never fun to run out of toilet paper at home, and it can be even worse to run out at work. If your company is always running low on toilet paper, it’s time to consider buying wholesale. That can keep your company’s bathrooms stocked up, and make sure that both employees and customers have what they need when they use the facilities at your location. It can also reduce your costs, since buying toilet paper wholesale can give you more toilet paper for a much lower price than what you would pay buying smaller toilet paper quantities in a retail store.

The Economical Solution

With the correct toilet paper for your company’s needs, you’ll be able to worry less about keeping your company’s restrooms stocked with quality toilet paper and focus more on the business of running your company on a daily basis. You don’t want just any toilet paper, though. You need something that will be strong and soft, and that will also offer great value for money so you don’t have to spend so much of your budget on toilet paper. There are plenty of other hygiene items your company bathrooms will also need, including paper towel, facial tissues, and dispensers, so where you spend your funds is vital to keeping your budget in check.

Since you can only spend your company’s money once, planning where it should get spent and how much of it should go to particular items is going to be a big focal point. While wholesale toilet paper instead of a retail purchase may not seem like a big difference, the cost of it over time can really add up.

A Constant Toilet Paper Supply

For those businesses with higher head count, you have the option of a longer lasting Jumbo Toilet Rolls; reducing your company’s risk of running out of toilet paper when you need it and also spacing out your order time. Your customers will appreciate what you can offer them in the way of good quality products and services, and you’ll never end up in the uncomfortable position of having a customer or employee run out of toilet paper.


Livi’s range of high quality toilet paper and other hygiene products are available through our network of nationwide distributors. Buying in bulk through our wholesale distributors is the way to go, and the best way to get everything you need to stock your business’ restrooms quickly, efficiently, and for a price you’re happy with. Staying comfortably stocked with quality toilet paper matters, and when you do that you’ll have peace of mind about how your business operates and you can rest assured you’d be taking care of your customers and employees, even in the seemingly small things.