Paper Towel & Toilet Roll Dispensers

Toilet roll dispensers are often an afterthought, but they really should not be.Your business can show its dedication to customers and employees in many small ways, and that includes choosing a toilet roll dispenser that is high quality and durable. There are side-by-side, single, and tower models available, to allow your company to purchase base on specific needs. A toilet roll dispenser with a modern design that looks great and functions well can go a long way toward efficiency as well, since it reduces cleaners’ time spent checking to see if it is empty or stopping to refill it. Read more.

Depending on the size of your business and the facilities you have available to customers and employees, more than one type of Livi toilet roll dispenser may be right for your company. By having options, it is possible to select what really works best and suits the space, so employees and customers will be pleased with what is available to them.

The right paper towel dispenser is an important part of your business. When using any dispenser, your customers expect quality. Additionally, a practical dispenser makes it easier for customers and employees to wash and dry their hands quickly, conveniently, and hygienically. This can keep your entire business cleaner, and can also reduce the number of hygiene related illnesses that are passed around the workplace.

With Compact, Multifold, and Interleaved dispenser options, along with available Centrefeed and Autocut choices, any company can choose the Livi dispenser that is right for their needs. These dispensers are lightweight and durable, and help minimise waste. They can easily be checked to see if they need refilling, and their hygienic design offers options for lockable covers to reduce the chances of theft. A business with a Livi paper towel dispenser is showing that it cares about its employees and customers enough to buy a quality item that will work well and last for a long time.

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