Hand Soap Sanitiser Dispenser

For delivery of hand sanitisers and soaps, the Livi Activ™ system gives you a delivery solution that allows for simple interchangeability, while reducing waste and cost. The dispenser is easy to install and maintain, so you will not need to spend a lot of time taking care of it, and it will always be available to employees and customers. Replacing empty pods is fast, and with the foaming mechanism, you can also see lower water consumption when compared to liquid soap options.Read more.

The hand sanitiser dispenser is contemporary and stylish, so it looks great with any decor and works in break rooms, bathrooms, and other locations where proper hand hygiene is important. With its durable design, it will last for a long time too, so you will not need to replace your dispenser anytime soon. You can enjoy the use of it and appreciate its strength and quiet, convenient operation.

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