Commercial Wipes

Choosing commercial wipes that will keep your workspace clean does not have to be complicated. With Livi®, you can get quality commercial-grade wipes at great prices, so you can get the job done with more ease.

With 45 metres per roll, each colour is designed for specific cleaning tasks which allows users to avoid cross-contamination. Wipes come in blue, green, red, brown and yellow (antibacterial) and are all perforated for controlled usage. All Livi® Commercial wipes have earned Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification and each non-woven wipe is 70 grams per square metre, making them thick & strong for extra-absorbent results.

No matter what kind of cleaning you need to do for your business or what options you want to offer to your employees, Livi® has you covered with the quality you need to make sure surfaces get and stay clean.

Livi’s all-purpose & heavy duty Turbo Wipers™ are designed for the toughest of workplace needs! Tear resistant and ideal for hard surface cleaning with its strong and absorbent characteristics. The 200 sheet roll comes in a handy carry and dispensing box to deliver one sheet at a time.

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